Presenting Your Property

Adding Extra Sparkles


You rarely need to spend thousands of dollars to make your home attractive and give your property that extra appeal. Buyers are attracted by the appearance of your property and, when they inspect it, are influenced by its atmosphere. The right appearance outside, followed by the right mood inside, gives you the best chance to get the highest price.


You rarely need to spend thousands of dollars in renovations or repairs to make your property attractive. All you have to do is pay attention to some obvious points, all of which can make a big difference to your price.



Falling In Love


Buying a home is emotional. The feeling of a home is more important than the price. If your agent has "qualified" the buyers, they will not be "lookers" they will be genuine people who can afford your asking price.


Their feelings will be the main reason they accept or reject your property. The word ‘love’ is common with home-buying and even with land, when buyers report loving the location. Buyers say, “We loved that home and that’s why we bought it”. So make sure you present your property at its finest. Remove or fix anything that might ‘turn-off’ the buyers.



First Impressions


We are attracted to homes the same way we are attracted to people. The first thing we notice is the outside. If the property is clean and neat and welcoming, we are interested. If it is scruffy or dirty, we are turned off. Buyers often say they “just want to look from the outside". They want to see if they are attracted to the appearance.


To make your home look its best, attention to detail is crucial. When you live in a property, you can overlook its little faults. It is not time to have a fresh look. Stand in the street and look at your property as if you were seeing it for the first time. Try hard to pick faults. It is better that you find the faults while there is time to fix them, than the buyers finding the faults. The challenge is to make the property as attractive as possible without spending too much.



The Outside Appearance


First impressions create permanent options, so create a positive mood for all prospective purchasers. Begin by sweeping the footpath in front of your property. Remove all rubbish from the gutters. Clear the letterbox of junk mail.


If you have a lawn, do your best to make sure it is not bone-dry. Green grass is appealing and a sprinkler does wonders to most lawns.


Clean the paths and the outside of your property to remove dust and cobwebs (close your windows first). Make sure there is no paint flaking. You may not have to repaint, but at least scrape off any loose paint pieces.


Flowers do wonders for the front of a property and the brighter the better. They create a homely look.  Buy flowers in pots if you don’t have much lawn and make sure they are displayed in two places: near the street and near your front door.



The Inside Atmosphere


When buyers enter your property they should immediately feel at home. The inside atmosphere should be warm and appealing.  Make the atmosphere natural and relaxed, even if it means changing (or improving) your living habits. Buyers are aware of gimmicks such as a coffee pot brewing, cake in the oven or classical music playing softly in the background.


Genuine appeal is what wins the buyers. A radio or a television (never too loud) is a natural part of home life. Well made beds with warm quilts and lots of pillows really make a property feel like home.





Nothing turns people off more that bad smells, so be sure your property smells fresh. You can buy plug-in fragrances that remove bad smells.


If you have pets be careful, because their smell, while familiar to you, can be unpleasant to others. Take pets blankets and bowls outside. Whenever possible, remove your dog during inspections – take it for a walk and always be sure that there are no “doggie surprises” for the buyers to step in while inspecting the property.



Bright and Airy


Make sure that the property is bright and airy by opening the curtains. Fresh air, if practicable, is always best.


If you have a fireplace and it is winter, an open log fire can be a big selling feature. At the very least, make sure the property is warm in the winter and cool in the summer.



Minor Repairs


If there is unfinished work inside the property – such as skirting boards that have been removed – fix these things. If there are any obvious minor repairs – such as door handles missing or broken hooks – fix these too. Repair all irritating things that are likely to catch the eyes of buyers.


The best advice is to do all you can to make your property feel like a home. Make it sparkle without making it too immaculate or clinical. 


The presentation of your property and the skill of the agent can mean thousands of dollars to you in the real estate market.


Your agent has to persuade buyers to inspect your property and to buy it in preference of other properties.