Home Buyers Information

Buying a home can be one of the most exciting and rewarding times of your life.  Or it can be a roller-coaster ride of financial and emotional devastation.  It depends on what you do.  And what you do, depends on what you know.  Most homebuyers do not have enough accurate knowledge.  Worse, many are ill-informed.


These are 13 of the worst mistakes made by homebuyers.  It suggests, briefly, how to avoid these mistakes so that buying a home will indeed be an exciting and rewarding experience. Click on links below.


• Exceeding Your Future Financial Limits

• Buying What You Want, Instead of What You Need

• Ignoring the Extra Costs and the Hidden Costs

• Failing to Research the Area

• Tolerating Poor Service from Agents

• Taking the Bait About the Quoted Price

• Losing Money with Auctions

• Being Unprepared for Gazumping

• Being Too "Clever" With an Offer

• Not Getting INDEPENDENT Inspections and Advice

• Being Too Quick or Being Too Slow

• Being Caught By an Investment Scam

• Failing to Complain When Buying